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My passion is to travel. I have travelled since I was a child and have visited 33 countries.  Sometimes I travel with family or friends and sometimes I travel by myself.

I like to use my annual leave to travel overseas and discover new places, cultures and food. The best thing about travelling is meeting the locals and hearing their stories.



Mongolia Terelj Ger on the Mongolian Steepe

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. When I was 3 we moved to Dubai, UAE, and 3 years later we moved to Sydney, Australia where I grew up. I have been living in Brisbane, Australia since 2006.

Being born to English expats meant I have travelled extensively as young child and have never stopped.  According to my British Airway ‘Junior Jet Club’ log book, by age 9, I had flown 93,334.


Wales Carreg Cennen


I am now looking to share my experiences while indulging in my travel passions of castles, dinosaurs, trains and UNESCO sites. I also want to show that you can travel safely and easily on your own.




Ecuador Tren Crucero

This is a work in progress….

This blog is to share my travels as they happen and in-between trips write about my previous trips.

My hope is the site will inspire people to travel and explore our fantastic world.

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