Jasper is a lovely little town within the Jasper National Park, which is one of four national parks that form the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site.

My accommodation in Jasper overlooked the Rocky Mountains, which I could see from my room’s window along with the railway lines.  Jasper National Park does not allow trains to sound their horn which meant there was very little noise at night.  I have been told that trains can use the horn in Banff which is where I will be in a few days.


I had one day and 2 nights in Jasper and had a half day tour in the morning which included Pyramid Lake, Patricia Lake, Maligne Canyon and Maligne Overlook.

The lakes were beautiful and were surrounded by pine and cottonwood trees and snow covered mountains.  Pyramid Lake water appeared grey as the sun was behind clouds and by the time we arrived at Patricia Lake the sun was out giving the lake its blue/green colour, like many lakes in the area.  In the background was Pyramid Mountain, which is 2763m above sea level, and was carved out by glacial ice, which is stronger than the mountain rock.


Maligne Canyon was interesting in the way it had been formed.   During the ice age, glacial water under the glacier eroded the rock forming the canyon.


Maligne Overlook provided a fabulous view over the Athabasca River Valley and Jasper, with Whistlers Peak and Pyramid Mountain as the backdrop.


Having travelled extensively since a young child, I am now looking to share my experiences while indulging in my travel passions of castles, dinosaurs, trains, and UNESCO sites. I also want to show that you can travel safely and easily on your own. When I am not travelling, I am an IT Project Manager.


  1. Lovely photos. Odd, but I have no recollection of Jasper, other than the hotel and going for a walk. Those mountains must have been there!!! But I don’t remember them.

    • Jenny Reply

      They surround the town, so are hard to miss, although I didn’t really notice them the first night as I was too tired.

  2. I remember them, they were magnificient as were the rivers, wide and gravelly. Reminded me of the South Island’s rivers. We had some time in Jasper, remember walking around the town and visiting the art shops. I believe I bought two small Inuit pieces there – the last ones I added to my collection. Have not been back to Canada since.

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